Welcome to the Chopping Block!

About Us

Chop Shop Studios is an independent boutique video production and post production house located in Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties neighborhood. We shoot and edit everything from live music concerts to corporate board videos, documentaries to non-profit TV commercials. We believe in the power of a simple story told through clean edits.  Less is always more.

Our story, you ask? We are Emily Gallagher & Austin Elston. We have rocked the theatre community in Seattle, earned Masters Degrees and an apprenticeship with U2’s music video editor in Ireland, and secured our chops by shooting and cutting commercials for Non-Profits, Democratic political firms, and National Geographic in Washington DC.   And now we are here in Philadelphia! We love music, film, and skateboarding. But above all else, we love telling stories. Let us tell yours.

Snoop around and see what you think of our work. There is more to come. There will always be more to come.

Check out our website to see examples of our work: www.chopshopstudios.com

Emily & Austin

  1. that is like the cutest picture of you two evar! and you look like you’re both pushing 17. excellent.

  2. Thank you! And you were only off by 8 years (we were 25). hilarious!

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