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At the Cinema | The Queen

In Uncategorized on January 18, 2007 at 1:36 pm

Inspired by the Golden Globe awards, last night I attended the 5.15 screening of The Queen with my parents at the AFI theatre. What a glorious theatre!

The only time I had been in the large cinema at Silver Springs before was at Werner Herzog’s presentation of his new documentary, Grizzly Man, and of course at the time, all I could focus on was Herzog’s stories of bar brawls in Bavaria and the greedy legal system in the US.

Last night, however, I was free to admire the architecture of the AFI’s large cinema and the comfortable VIP chairs which gave my very tall father plenty of leg room.

The movie itself deserves equal praise. A solid story that span the few days following the death of Princess Diana was built from a strong, straight-forward script, excellent performances from Helen Mirren and Michael Sheen, and was rounded out with a sprinkling of actual news footage.

Afterwards, I was surprised with stories from my parents about their friendship with Tony Blair and the time they had tea at the Palace with the Prince and Princess.

Overall, while you might not be treated to soup, tea, and entertaining stories of the English Royalty after, I highly recommend attending a screening of The Queen before it leaves the theatre.


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