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Robert Altman

In Uncategorized on November 22, 2006 at 1:54 am

Film director Robert Altman passed away last night at 81. His films include MASH, The Company, Short Cuts, Gosford Park, and most recently, Prairie Home Companion.

He directed 87 films since 1951.

We would like to encourage everyone to get out and watch one of his films to pay homage, as well as to see a great master of dialogue at work.

Really pay attention to the way his camera flows between conversations. The way his characters never quite finish their thoughts, before another conversation has been introduced. And above all, enjoy his wonderful ensemble casts. A good director knows how to cast his films. Altman was fantastic when it came to casting.

So here’s to an amazing career, Mr. Altman! Three Cheers!


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