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Ken Burns is our Hero

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@ GM's preview of The National Parks in Central Park

@ GM's preview of The National Parks in Central Park

This week is the PBS screening of THE NATIONAL PARKS and if you aren’t watching it, you had better start re-evaluating your priorities.

Austin and I had the pleasure of attending GM’s preview of Ken Burns’ new 12 hour documentary in Central Park on Wednesday (VIP style, bien sure) and I must confess, I actually squealed when I saw Mr Burns.  He stood but 5 feet away from us, greeting friends and colleagues.  His hair was perfectly feathered.  His jeans were rugged, but clean.  Oh yes, I was smitten.

The whole night was incredible. The food and drinks were delicious; the performances were surprising and highly entertaining. My favorites were Alison Krauss (of course) and Peter & Paul (sans Mary, sadly).  Peter & Paul had such amazing joy that it was contagious. And seeing as how theirs were the songs on which I learned how to play guitar, I was filled with nostalgia.

However, the greatest surprise of the night was meeting the dashing James Nations of NPAC.   He informed Austin and I of a new mine, Pebble Mine, which is on the boards to begin construction just outside Lake Clark National Park in Alaska.   This is a BIG, BIG PROBLEM because it will destroy one of the LAST natural salmon fisheries on EARTH.   As Northwesterners, Austin and I have a huge soft spot for all things West Coast, but especially salmon.  Be sure to stay tuned here to learn more about this issue.  And if you are jonesing to support some independent film, look for the documentary Red Gold. We have to keep an eye on this planet of ours, people.


Screening at Landmark!

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screening at Landmark on 9/23

A documentary we are cutting (right now) called TEN TALENTS will be screening at Landmark Theatres next Wednesday night (Sept 23).  Click here to get tickets: http://washingtondctentalents.eventbrite.com/

the Chop Shop reel

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Here is our latest reel! Enjoy!